{ In(tima) Moralia }


reflections of shattered life

I. Psychedelic Dreams
Personal, Puerile or Poetic;
II. Dying Prayers
Deep, Desperate, or Delusional;
III. Sacrificial Trees
Unusual, Unhinged, or Unctuous;
IV. Terrible Sanities
Innocuous, Impervious, or Insidious;
IX. Fools Gold
Sad, Sassy, or Stupefied;
V. Fallen Angels
Restless, Reviled or Resigned;
VI. Ascetic Fugitive
Collected, Callous, or Consoled;
VII. Futile Overtures
Transient, Tangential, or Trapped;
VIII. Overt Fetishes
Pissed, Polemic, or Pitiful;
X. God Farts
Deep, Delightful, or Deviled;
XI. Gone Dyke
Geo-located Haikus from the Klondike;
XII. We're Made of Clay
Poems from the Southwest;
XIII. Destiny Repeating
Empathize, Effect, or Endure;
XIV. Repressed Diagnosis
Dharma, Dreams, or Dread;